Friday, May 3, 2024

The Best & Worst Rare Coins to Collect, According to Experts



If you're new to the world of coin collecting and just beginning to learn the ropes, then you might be struggling to figure out just where to begin. After all, there are an estimated 28 billion coins in circulation. Let that one sink in for a second! That's a whole lot of loose-change floating around out there!

Some coin aficionados collect coins so that they can later sell them to turn a profit, while others are more interested in the history and cultural significance of the coins that they add to their collections. While there really is no 'wrong' way to go about coin collecting, if you're intention is to actually make money from your newfound hobby, then you should really familiarize yourself with what sorts of coins are actually worth your time and money.

Ultimately, being successful at coin collecting and flipping is all about whether you can actually move your inventory. Just because you have a coin in your collection that a random guy on Reddit or some guidebook tells you is worth a great deal, it's worthless until you can actually put it into the hands of the right buyer. 

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